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About Us

Established in 2013, LOUIS HOTELS’ story begins at Louis Appartements at Galata. A 6 floor building that has 12 suites with 4 different room types that have kitchenettes. With guest-satisfaction-first service mentality and comfort-oriented rooms and amenities, it began its guests favorite and created a term such as being a “LOUIS Guest” which simplifies exclusiveness, comfort, convenience, caring & one-to-one communication. LOUIS Guests would know and ensure that whatever they want in their time in Istanbul would be fulfilled, once they even book their reservation.

Our most valuable factor in our service, which is our team; is continuously improved regarding through our guests demands every day. LOUIS Team would be willing to assist you during your reservation decision, arriving at the hotel, during your stay, during your day in Istanbul, leaving the hotel & even after leaving the hotel. 

So, US means, our team & our guests; which makes a community sharing a mutual interest: having the best possible time in Istanbul.

With our second hotel, Louis Rooms, established in 2023, is ready to create a new story with mastered experience with 10 rooms & 5 different room types, to redefine the elements of a perfect stay.

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