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In Beyoğlu and surrounding area, as annexes to the current buildings that were unable to respond the periodical increases in the early 1900s, numerous buildings were constructed. Our building was built with 4 floors on 05 february 1933 as a result of the mobility in the region by Simon Benardete. The building that maintained its existence this way for nearly ten years became subject to a detailed repair on 28 october 1941 and obtained its present form with the periodical additions of floors, as with all buildings in the area, in order to respond the growing population.


The building that was transferred from first owner simon benardete to Salamon Benardete in the 1950s was purchased by our company after serving to mr salamon and his family many years and formed into its present appearance and functions after being renovated.


Our building that has a history of nearly 100 years is one of the most beautiful classic architectural examples of beyoğlu thanks to its historical texture and after the restorations conducted it gained the required safety and quality and become one of the most beautiful examples of present modern line.

Amenities & Services

Free Wi-Fi access 

Minibar & Kitchenette


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24h Reception